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SingleCare Guide to medication Management

 SingleCare just published a piece called Seniors’ Guide to Medication Management, which covers important tips and tricks for seniors and their caregivers to properly handle prescriptions. SingleCare Link It’s not uncommon for seniors to be placed on an extensive medication regimen. We created this guide to educate people on how to safely simplify this often complicated…

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Ketamine Therapy Center in Fairfax, VA | 703-844-0184 | Ketamines for Depression | Ketogenic Diets for Mood stabilization

Can a Ketogenic Diet Benefit Patients With Mental Health Disorders? For more than 50 years, researchers have examined the effect of a ketogenic diet on patients with behavioral health disorders.1 Despite this breadth of research, most of the studies have lacked depth, consisting mostly of case reports, animal studies, and small-sample open studies rather than controlled trials.1 Although researchers…

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