30 Jun, 2019

703-844-0184 |Ketamine Infusion Center Fairfax Virginia 22304 | Nasal Spray ketamine | Spravato | Esketamine Center | Forbes article regarding Ketamine Nasal Spray :Study Finds Ketamine Nasal Spray Effective For Treating Depression: What You Should Know | 22301 | Dr. Sendi | NOVA Health Recovery

5,237 viewsMay 23, 2019, 12:05am Study Finds Ketamine Nasal Spray Effective For Treating Depression: What You Should Know A new study finds that a nasal spray formulated from the anesthetic ketamine is a safe,… Read More
27 Jun, 2019

703-844-0183 | Fairfax Virginia Ketamine Center | Ketamine for depression treatment | How Ketamine reverses depression | Dr. Sendi | NOVA Health Recovery | Spravato treatment center Northern Virginia | Nasal Spray Ketamine Center | 22304

Study Shows How Ketamine Reverses Depression—and How its Benefits Could Be Extended The powerful but temporary benefits of ketamine against depression might be extended if the new brain-cell connections it… Read More
26 Jun, 2019

703-844-0184 | Ketamine IV for depression treatment | Fairfax, Virginia 22304 | Spravato Center Fairfax, Virginia | Ketamine nasal spray for depression | IV Ketamine and Lidocaine Combination Shows Safety and Efficacy in Chronic Pain | NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Treatment Center |

Denver—Chronic noncancer pain patients may find relief from an unlikely source, according to a team of Canadian researchers. Their retrospective study found that IV infusion of lidocaine plus ketamine significantly… Read More
15 Jun, 2019

703-844-0184 | Ketamine Treatment for Depression, PTSD | Arlington, Virginia 22209 22207 | NOVA Health Recovery Ketamine Infusion Center | How Ketamine Opens a New Era for Depression Treatment | Spravato and ketamine nasal spray Treatment

NOVA Health Recovery | Alexandria, Va 22306 | Call for esketamine and nasal ketamine as well as IV Ketamine for depression, PTSD, anxiety  703-844-0184 < Link How Ketamine Opens a New Era… Read More

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