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Deciding to Start Ketamine Treatments

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Deciding to Start Ketamine Treatments

Exploring mental health treatment options can feel overwhelming, complex, and hopeful. Ketamine treatments are becoming more and more popular for those with severe mental health symptoms and treatment-resistant conditions. 

If you’re considering starting ketamine treatments, this blog is for you.

Beginning Ketamine Treatments

Starting ketamine treatments is a process. First, you’ll need to have symptoms that meet the criteria for a qualifying diagnosis. Then, you’ll need to speak with a ketamine treatment provider about your options and their recommendations. Collaborating with an experienced mental health professional is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re on the right track.


If you’re feeling torn about starting ketamine treatments, consider doing some in-depth research about the psychology and physiology behind this therapeutic option. Learning more about ketamine is a great way to dispel any myths and anticipate what treatments would entail.

Finding a Center

When you’re beginning the research phase of beginning ketamine treatments, finding the right treatment center is essential.

You must be able to trust your treatment center and its professionals. Once you’ve found a few different treatment center options, consider reading their reviews and seeing if they have more information about their website.

If you’ve checked out their website and you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and get answers. While it’s common to go to your treatment center for infusions, there is another option for maintenance treatments.

At NOVA Health Recovery, we provide at-home ketamine options for those that have finished their initial infusion series. Home-based ketamine therapy can be a great way to manage symptoms, stay comfortable, and improve your baseline.

Advocating for Yourself

Advocating for yourself can be empowering, but it’s also challenging.

When it comes to mental health treatment, advocating for yourself is essential. You’re the expert on your mental health state, so don’t be afraid to speak up, get clarity when needed, and ask about your concerns.

Creating Goals

Being intentional about creating goals is a great step if you’re starting ketamine treatments. Asking yourself important introspective questions is an excellent way to ensure you’re clear about what you want to receive from your treatments. Speaking with a ketamine treatment professional about your goals is a great way to make sure that they’re realistic and that you’re setting yourself up for successful treatment.

When you’re creating your goals, consider writing them down. Being able to return to your goals is a great opportunity for reflection.

NOVA Health Recovery

At NOVA Health Recovery, we’ve seen the true benefits that ketamine treatments can provide. We’re honored to be able to offer this mental health option and support those who haven’t had success with other treatments.

If you’re unsure about whether or not ketamine treatments are the right choice for you, we’re here to discuss our services and if they could be the right fit for your situation. While ketamine treatments are not the right choice for everyone, they can be an incredibly effective way to improve mental health symptoms and get lasting relief.

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