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Being Aware of Your Own Mental Health Symptoms

Being Aware of Your Own Mental Health Symptoms

Mental health symptoms can be complex and difficult to recognize. For many people with a mental health diagnosis, symptom awareness can be a challenge. However, being able to spot symptoms is often a goal of treatment and can lead to improved coping skills.

Practical Steps

If you struggle with personal mental health awareness, know that you’re not alone. There are so many different ways you can improve your awareness and recognize when you’re experiencing heightened symptoms.

Keep a Journal

One of the most helpful things when learning about your own mental health is being able to recognize patterns. If there are certain things that trigger your mental health symptoms, you can keep a log and be able to reflect in the future.

Keeping a journal can be a very helpful tool. Even being able to look back on the past couple days can give you greater insight into any symptoms you may have experienced.

Track Sleep

Sleep is something that’s often impacted when individuals are struggling with their mental health. If you’ve been sleeping too much or not enough, that could be a sign there may be other symptoms present.

There are apps you can use to track your sleep, but you can also keep a piece of paper by your bed. Tracking your sleep is a very tangible way to get an overview of your mental health and any patterns that may exist.

Physical Changes

The mind-body connection is often overlooked, but it can have huge impacts. If you’ve been having health struggles and your doctor hasn’t been able to find the cause, then it may be time to check up on your mental health.

From headaches to low energy and fast heart rate, there are so many physical ways that mental health can manifest itself. If you’re having concerning physical symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a medical professional and share what you’re going through. If you believe that your physical symptoms may be correlated with emotional ones, consider adding a mental health professional to your care team.

Find Accountability

It’s important you have people in your life that you trust and you’re comfortable being fully transparent in regards to your mental health. Being able to share about what you’re going through can help with symptom acknowledgement, as others can point to things that they’ve seen in your life.

Sharing your mental health experience can not only help you, but also help others. Consider if there’s anyone in your life that can help you recognize symptoms and provide support during difficult moments.

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