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Ketamine Treatment Center


The Leading Ketamine Treatment Provider in Alexandria, VA

Twenty-three years of developing targeted ketamine treatment and progressive therapies for depression and pain.

Dr. Sendi has been administering ketamine for over 22 years in the Emergency Department as well as in an office setting, for which he has administered ketamine to numerous patients for the successful treatment of pain and mood disorders. His experience is extensive in the use of ketamine, and in the office environment, you can be assured that his medical experience will provide you with a comfortable and safe therapy.

Dr. Sendi is also Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Pain Management. He adds his expertise in these areas to your care so he can evaluate the root causes of your conditions and not just treat symptoms. Dr. Sendi recognized the impact of lifestyle and genetics on health as he practiced in an Emergency Department setting over the past 23 years.

With the obesity epidemic, addiction epidemic, and mental health crisis, Dr. Sendi saw the unfulfilled needs in the treatment of each of these areas. Depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many other disorders have root causes that include diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics, each of which can be treated to improve mood, energy, and act as an anti-aging strategy. Don’t be cheated out of your health by not exploring all the options.

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Conditions Ketamine Can Help Treat





Suicidal Thoughts

Postpartum Depression

Anhedonia (low mood)

Bipolar Disorder

Migraine Headache



Lyme Disease

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